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Optimise are experts at onsite, "Real Life", hands on Desk Based Training for Telephone based employees, proven to have a longer lasting impact tham traditional Sales Training techniques! Born from a B2B Lead Generation Company, we quickly realised that traditional classroom based Sales Training was boring and easily forgotten when back at the desk doing job! Therefore the Optimise solution turns that on its head as employees learn at the desk in real time while doing the job, instilling long lasting habits! 

1-2-1 Desk Based - In Role

Traditional Sales Training is normally based in a classroom, where employees are told what to do with lots of theory. We turn this on its head and truly understand the needs of each individual. We then deliver the Training at the desk in real time while the employee is doing the job! By doing it this way means they learn on job, remember new skills and establish new habits!


Structured Team Training

For those with a bigger Team, Optimise can put together a more structured classroom based Training programme and then combine it with some Team Motivation Days to help ensure what is learnt in the classrom is put in to practice. This can be geared toward the Team Goals and Objectives and help to maintain focus and increase productivity.


Bespoke Packages

If you have a diverse team, or a team with different roles, we can put a bespoke package together for you. This can be a combination of Theory, Desk Based Training, Motivational Days and on going Coaching or Mentoring, whatever the desired outcome, we will put the right package together that works for you!



Team Motivation Days

If you feel that the team doesn't need specific Training but just need a new injection of life, some motivation and some help to create energy in the room, then we can help. Our Motivational and Energiser Days, create fun, excitement and energy in the room, encourage competition and gives your  team the boost it needs!



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"Tell Me" and I will forget, "Show Me" and I may remember, "Involve Me" and I will understand!

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