Many of our clients operate on a Global Basis and have teams all over Europe, in the US and even APAC. Optimise can work in any region and implement the saem Training and Training Processess/Methodology no matter where your team is based. 


The Optimise way of doing things is unique and founded based upon 16 years of experience in the B2B Lead Generation sector. We have found that this way of doing it is different to how things have been donw in other countries or regions, therefore a new fresh way of looking at things has a huge impact on yoru Sales Team or Account Managers.


Some of the key regions and successes are:


United States

Many businesses in the US use a very scripted and structured approach to making calls, the Optimise methodology is more about a specific process that uses questions and is more of an investigative approach. We have worked with many teams in the US to help instigate and deliver this approach. Not only have this re energised and revolutionised the Sales Team, but also allowed then increase their return by up to 100%.



A long standing Client had a small Sales Team based in Dubai, this Team was not performing as well as the UK and US based Team, therefore Optimise replictaed the UK program and delivered this to the Team In Dubai.



If you have Telephone based Sales people or Account Managers in different regions then we can deliver a unified program across each region and combine this with web based team motivation and ideas sharing. Each individual will have desk based in role Training and then weekly or monthly movtivation or team sharing via webex. These programs are bespoke and depend upon number fo people and where they are based.

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