1-2-1 Desk Based - In Role

The Optimise 1-2-1 Desk Based Training programs are designed specifically for the clients requirements, however they are made up of 4 key areas: 

Training Needs Analysis:


An initial Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is completed, this is carried out on site at the employees desk while they are carrying out their daily role. The more we understand the in and outs of the role that the employee has to undertake and how their skill set is suited to this role, the better. This allows us to truly understand where the strengths, weaknesses and development areas lie.

A report/summary is supplied back to you the client with details of basic skills required and then more personal skills that need to be developed.


Basic Skills Training:


There are a number of facets to a successful Outbound Call and depending upon the employees role will depend how many of these elements are pertinent to your business. The key areas analysed in the TNA are: Motivation, Call Structure, Rapport Building, Questioning, Objection Handling and Closing. The basic Training will be based upon all or any of the above; this is dependent upon the employees role and the development areas identified.


Job/Desk Based Training:


This is where Optimise differ from the others, following the Basic Skills Training, we spend time at the desk with the employee, reviewing and working the basic skills and improving the specific skills that need developing for each individual. We review, develop and improve in real time, live, while the employee is doing their job. If appropriate we can also lead by example and do it with them! By adopting this approach it will help to install the habits to make change rather than forgetting everything that has been learned in the classroom.

On-Going Training, Mentoring and Buddying:


Once the main Training is complete, we provide on going monthly support at the desk to ensure that was has been learned becomes a habit. In the form of one or two monthly sessions at the desk continuing to improve and fine-tune the skill sets. Each employee has a buddy, who they can call or email at any time with a question giving them daily support if required.

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