Motivational Days

For those businesses that don't necessarily need lots of Training but feel like the Team needs a boost or an injection of energy, then our Motivational Days are just for you. Its so easy for the Sales Team to become stagnant, lose motivation and just do the same old thing every day. Based upon what you need, Optimise will put together a Motivational Day, or series of days to re inject the life that you need!


What does this look like?


Firstly we would carry out a 1/2 Day evaluation of your Team, this would allow us to see what they are doing, how they do it, what is expected and un cover some of the reasons as to why the energy levels might be down.


We would then devise and implement a Motivational Day that relates directly to the job they are doing and is relevant to the business, this is really important so that it not only motivates the Team but also creates an increase in activity or sales!


On the day, Optimise would hold an initial briefing with the Team first thing and talk through what it is we are going to do, why we are doing and what we expect to see. This will always include some sort of competition across the Team, or in sub Teams. 


The Optimise Trainer will then work throughout the team for the day working with and spending time with each individual to help create energy, give advice and create energy and competition in the room. At the end of the day, we would review the numbers, assess what has been achieved and award the relevant prizes to the relevant people or sub Teams.


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