Structured Training - Groups

For those organisations that have a big Team that need up skilling, we can look at a slightly more strcutured approach than the more bespoke 121 In Role type solutions. On this basis Optimise would look to start the program with carrying out a Training Needs Analysis, spending a small amount of time with a number of different members of the team. This will allow us to get a feeling for what is required in the role and a general feeling for where the strengths and weaknesses of the Team lie.


Following that, Optimise would put a more structured Training program together that covers some of the key basics and then the more specific issues identified from the Training Needs Analysis. This would be classroom based at first in pre agreed groups. Once that is complete we combine this with some time and activity, on the floor with the Team, Optimise would spend a smaller amount of time working round the team while they do the Job to re iterate the key areas for improvement.


The Team will learn while doing the job, getting instant feedback and learning from each other because they are all focused on similar development areas and key learnings.


At the end of each days Training we would have a wash up session where we review the key points from the days, how effective this was, discuss the challenges and answer any questions that the team have. We would then set some goals to be focused on between then and the next session.

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